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Notes from our February Meeting:
We did a recap of last month's meeting.
We are looking into getting name tags for those who need them.
Reminder about Felice Couers on March 11th from 6 pm to 10 pm at St. Clare's.
Looking for volunteers to help set up, help during the event and then clean up.
Treasurer's Report : $4922.49
That includes the Bingo Desserts January $46.25 and February $63.75
We had 77 pieces in February. Please sign up to bring. Homemade are the best sellers.
In April the Bingo will be on the 4th Saturday because of Easter this year.
April event was cancelled as we have enough money in our account.
Bernie found some fabric for the Baptismal Bibs that was 60% off so purchased the fabric.
Enough to make 100-125 bibs.
Next month we will have Guest Speaker – Marie Pierce.
She is a foster mother to children with special needs. Gloria will bring in some diaper coupons that she can print off from coupons.com
We will donate $100 Gift Card from our organization to help Marie Pierce purchase diapers.
Olivia and Rose made a motion. Kathleen will purchase a scrip card.
All the members can also bring diapers of different sizes that night.
The men would like to do a Donut Sunday in May. Like a Recruitment to find new members.
Men will pay for the donuts but they would like us there to help serve and visit with everyone.
Not yet sure of which weekend in May either the first or second.
We missed the deadline to add our names to the shamrock shuffle t shirts.
We will help distribute the water to the runners that morning. 
They need 3-4 people at each station. The event is March 4th and begins at 8 am.
Will find out more specific details when John goes to the mens regular meeting.
April Meeting: Guest Speaker Judy will come and talk about Nurses for Newborns
Rita has the basket that we can place in the church lobby to request donations from the parishioners.
Guest Speaker for February Meeting was Tina Kennedy from Holy Infant.
Deacon Jim came by to visit and listen to Tina. Deacon Jim Thanked our organization for everything we do for the parish.
I tried to take notes of the highlights of her talk:
She works on referrals and repeat business
Biggest New Thing is European River Cruises.
She discussed the new Passport requirements for traveling domestically.
Starting January 2018 you will need a passport to travel in the United States.
The passport will need to be valid for at least 6 more months to be valid.
99% of her business is International. 
Her speciality is vacation type of packages.
Insurance is important to have.
Least expensive place to travel is Mexico in September/October because of Hurricane Season.
Europe is the cheapest in January, February and March since it is so cold. Also September/October.
Avoid the most expensive: December and New Years almost doubled. Also Spring Break.
You can now wear casual clothes on most vacations. 
Patricia Foley is working with her to set up a Holy Infant Vacation to the Danube in Austria.
It will be a River Cruise in June 2018. Viking or Avalon are the 2 options they are considering.
These are my notes from the meeting. Let me know if you need any more details explained.
Respectfully Submitted,
Karen Hoffman



Ladies Auxiliary Meeting Minutes – January 17

Meeting began at 7:20 pm after the Mary Stewart's Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Review of December's minutes   were discussed

Treasurer's Report: Balance $4607.49

Name tags were discussed to be ordered for those members who currently do not have one.

It was brought to our attention that Bill Lucas of Ascension asked if we would switch our date in April to March to host the Felice Coeurs. Bill Lucas indicated they had a conflict with Fred Bird and they would like us to switch.  The new date was agreed and Holy Infant Ladies will host the Felice Coeurs event on March 11th from 6-10 pm at the St Clare of Assisi, 15642 Clayton Rd in Ellisville in the cafeteria. The theme will be a Luau and ladies will be responsible for decorations and treats. A signup sheet for volunteers was started and passed around.

Bingo was mentioned for January 21st and asking for desserts to be brought for sale. 

Next on the agenda was the discussion on our fundraising event for April 1st. The Ladies Auxiliary has the cafeteria reserved from 3:30 on.  Several suggestions were brought to the table for discussion on ideas, which consisted of:  a drama production, spring tea, fashion show, jewelry sale....  members have been asked to research ideas more and present ideas at next meeting.  Research on school drama organizations were going to be researched. 

On the next meeting: February 21, a guest speaker on travel will be presenting.

Scheduled for the March meeting:   

Marie Peters and her husband who have been foster parents for over 20 years will be our guest speakers.  They care for special needs high risk infants to toddlers.  Suggestion of members bringing in diapers, gift baskets and supplying gift cards was mentioned.


May you both have blessed Birthdays!

Olivia Picnik – February 1st 

Mary Davis - February 20th 

Respectfully submitted

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. I want to thank everyone for the great Christmas  party we had. We had a great turnout. It was such fun and even FR. Stanger stopped by to say hello and enjoy our treats. He said he really appreciates what we do. 

This coming Tuesday evening is our next meeting in the holy Infant room at 7 pm. I believe we are playing games after the meeting. 

Bring your ideas for our April 1st social or fund raiser.

I have been asked by Bill Lucas from Ascension to change our Felice Coeurs month from April to  March. In March they usually have Fred Bird, but they can not get him then. He needs to know as soon as possible. Let me know what you think. We would be responsible for the decorations and treats. It is held at St. Clare's Church by the knights and ladies on the 2nd Sat. of the month and it is a dance for handicap adults. We will also need helpers, if you haven't came before I hear it is really fun.

Shannon is not able to continue as our secretary. Bernie Williams , who has been filling in says she could continue, except she will not be available for the Jan. or  Feb.meetings, so we will need someone to take the minutes for these. Bernie sent a copy of our Dec. newsletter to Fred, the grand knight and he put it in their newsletter.  We need someone to step up and do the newsletter. Kathy Hanneke can get with you and show you how she did it. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just basic upcoming events, information and birthdays. We then would send it out by e-mail each month. Our year runs through May.

Sat. the 20th is the knights next bingo night. I may not be able to be there. It is held in the upper cafeteria and we will be selling the desserts. So if  you could  come and help or at least bring a cake or brownies that would be greatly  appreciated.

I think that is all for now. See you Tues.

Dorothy Denzer
President of the Holy Infant Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary, 10794
Ladies Auxiliary Minutes December 20, 2016 

Meeting began after a large assortment of appetizers. 

Treasurer’s report: Five $100 Shop ‘n Save cards were presented to Fr. Stanger by Kathleen before Christmas, $100. Was sent to St. John Gildehaus for Fr. Bannes memorial donation; all the required payments were made, including RIB(assessed on 18 members); AGAPE House; and vocation fund. 

At the last Bingo, we made $40.;3 Cookbooks sold @$15 each. A check in the amount of $400.00 was received from the Knights for the Auxiliary’s help from Feb-November 2016 

Shortly after this, Fr. Stanger addressed the group, complimenting the auxiliary for such a large donation. It’s the biggest giving individual tree donation since he’s been here for 5 years. Recipients included the Wellston Center, Sts. Peter and Paul ministries, St. Martha’s Hall, St. Vincent de Paul and St. Wenceslaus Pantry. 

New member, Stacey was welcomed. Meeting concluded with a prayer. 

The after meeting fun was filling individual baskets with donated items as well as items from the officers, then playing pass right, pass left. We all had a joyful time. Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year! 

Recapping next year’s agenda. 
1. January meeting will be a game night after the regular meeting. 

2. February will have a guest speaker on travel. 

3. March meeting will have a guest speaker Bernie invited Marie Peters, a foster parent along with her husband for 20 years. They care for special needs-high risk infants to toddlers for a period of time of usually 2-3 years. Bernie suggested we each bring diapers, as that is what Marie said she needed the most. A mention of a gift certificate which can be decided later. 

4. April will be April showers for NIN(Newborns in Need). 

Felice Coeurs is April 8. For Holy Infant to host. 

April 1, 2017 is The Upper Cafeteria is reserved for us for a fundraiser to be discussed at a later time. 

Respecfully submitted,